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New Autoglym accessories help achieve the perfect finish for car exteriors and interiors
8 February 2024 466 view(s)
New Autoglym accessories help achieve the perfect finish for car exteriors and interiors
  • New Ultra-Soft Drying Towel absorbs and retains water for perfect, streak-free results
  • New Interior Hand Pads safely lift and extract dirt on all interior surfaces, including dashboards, centre consoles and leather upholstery
  • Autoglym Glass and Screen Cloths achieve a crystal-clear finish on interior touchscreens, windows and other glass surfaces
  • New cloths have been specially engineered to complement Autoglym’s acclaimed range of cleaning and finishing solutions

Autoglym, the UK’s largest vehicle care brand, has launched three new accessories that have been designed to make it much easier to clean, enhance and protect interior and exterior surfaces. All have been engineered to work with the company’s extensive, award-winning range of cleaning and finishing solutions.


Autoglym’s new Ultra-Soft Drying Towel has been designed to make it easier to quickly and safely dry a vehicle following a wash and rinse. Made from a high-density, deep-pile twisted loop material that is designed to absorb and retain more water than regular drying towels, the new product leaves bodywork with a perfect, streak-free finish. Super-soft fibres allow the product to effortlessly glide across surfaces to remove all moisture, while the lint-free structure ensures no fibres remain on the surface prior to application of a polish, wax or ceramic treatment. The product is also highly durable, retaining its shape and effectiveness after repeated use. Each towel is priced at £20.99 (RRP) and can be used to dry even large vehicles with a single pass.


For interior touchscreens, windows and other glass surfaces, Autoglym’s new Glass and Screen Cloths are designed to achieve a crystal clear, lint free finish. The Glass Cloth is made from an ultra-absorbent and soft blend of microfibres and can be used on both exterior and interior windows. Its exceptional glass cleaning capabilities leave surfaces streak-free, helping to speed up the cleaning process. In the same pack is the Screen Cloth, created to quickly clean grease and fingerprints off digital interior screens without the need for additional cleaning products. Including two Glass Cloths and one Screen Cloth, each pack costs £13.99 (RRP).


Autoglym Interior Hand Pads have been created to safely lift and extract dirt on all interior surfaces, including dashboards, centre consoles and leather upholstery. The durable and compact cleaning pads are made with fibres that can remove stains and contaminants from hard-to-reach spaces, whilst providing a gentle clean on more sensitive surfaces such as leather and Alcantara. Each pack contains two hand pads and is priced at £9.99 (RRP).

All three accessories complement the extensive range of Autoglym cleaning and finishing solutions. For example, the new Ultra-Soft Drying Towel is ideal for drying a car after a wash using the Autoglym Polar snow foam range, while users can pair Autoglym’s Interior Hand Pads with the company’s Interior Shampoo or Leather Cleaner. If more intense cleaning is required after using the Glass and Screen Cloths, users can apply Autoglym Fast Glass directly to the cloths and gently wipe over screens and windows.

Autoglym has developed its latest accessories after listening to its customers and researching ways in which it can make car care an easier and more enjoyable experience. While its range of UK-developed, produced and award-winning formulations achieve exceptional results, the company’s extensive range of accessories are essential tools that help add the perfect finishing touch to any clean.

To purchase Autoglym's latest range of accessories, click here.

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