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New Autoglym triple-action ceramic shampoo delivers a superior clean, enhances gloss and adds protection with every wash
26 February 2024 2219 view(s)
New Autoglym triple-action ceramic shampoo delivers a superior clean, enhances gloss and adds protection with every wash
  • Ceramic Wash & Protect features Autoglym’s new shampoo-specific ceramic (Si02) technology
  • Makes it easy to cleanse and then dry paintwork, and cuts time required for future washes
  • 89% of UK car owners drivers would welcome a car shampoo that does more than just clean
  • Super concentrated, low-foam formula means a one-litre bottle can deliver up to 33 applications

Autoglym, the UK’s largest vehicle care brand, has launched Ceramic Wash & Protect, an all-new, easy-to-use triple-action ceramic car shampoo that delivers a deep clean, creates a smooth high-gloss shine and leaves a durable water repellent layer of protection.

Ceramic Wash & Protect features high-quality surfactants that help to lift dirt and stubborn grime from paintwork and ‘capture’ it in the solution for easy rinsing. The product also contains Autoglym’s new shampoo-specific ceramic (Si02) technology that creates a protective barrier far superior to that offered by conventional car-wash products. 

By laying down a robust, hydrophobic finish, the sophisticated new formulation in Ceramic Wash & Protect also cuts the time and effort that is required to dry the car and ensures that the next clean can be completed more quickly and easily.

Ideal for car detailing enthusiasts and time-poor car carers alike, Ceramic Wash & Protect is a super-concentrated, low-foaming formulation supplied in a one-litre bottle that delivers up to 33 washes for £24.99 (RRP). 

The new product meets growing demand from consumers who are looking to clean and protect their car to a high standard, quickly and cost-effectively. In a new national survey commissioned by Autoglym, 89% of consumers agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “To save time and cost, I would like to clean and protect the car in one process, if that were possible.”

“It’s clear that significant majority of car owners would value a car shampoo that works harder, covering more of the elements in a typical car care regime,” comments Marloes Rots, Marketing Manager at Autoglym. “As well as being easy to use and cleaning well, this new generation of car shampoo also offers high gloss finish and durable protection. We’re confident that Ceramic Wash & Protect represents an exciting new development in this fast-growing ceramic shampoo category, and we’re very proud of the results that our UK-based lab team have been able to deliver. Feedback via our own technicians and product testers has been very positive; we now look forward to seeing how Autoglym fans and those new to the brand respond to it.”

Ceramic Wash & Protect works in conjunction with all Autoglym coatings, including Rapid Ceramic Spray, allowing users to top-up protection in between wax applications.

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