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Topview London and Autoglym Connect Join Forces

Topview London and Autoglym Connect Join Forces
13 November 2023 63 view(s)
Topview London and Autoglym Connect Join Forces
Topview London, a provider of sightseeing tours to famous landmarks in London, and Autoglym Connect, the leading provider of bus and coach preparation products to the Public Service Vehicle industry, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to elevate the sightseeing experience in London by integrating Autoglym Connect's high-quality bus and coach products into Topview London's tour operations.

Autoglym Connect is renowned for its expertise in delivering top-notch preparation products and solutions specifically designed for the PSV industry. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Autoglym Connect offers a comprehensive range of products that ensure buses and coaches are well-prepared, immaculately maintained, and visually appealing.

Through this exclusive partnership, Topview will benefit from Autoglym Connect's industry-leading bus and coach preparation products to maintain their fleet of double decker, open top vehicles and keep them in pristine condition. This includes a wide range of cleaning, and maintenance solutions, as well as specialised products for interior care and hygiene. By utilising Autoglym Connect's products, Topview can guarantee an exceptional experience for customers who use their buses, with clean and comfortable vehicles that reflect the company's commitment to quality.

"We are excited to collaborate with Autoglym Connect to enhance our sightseeing tours in London," said Robert Gibson, Engineering Director of Topview. "By incorporating Autoglym Connect's top-of-the-line bus preparation products into our operations, we can ensure that our fleet maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and appearance. With thousands of customers destined to choose our buses for their sightseeing experience annually, this partnership reinforces our dedication to providing an outstanding service to every passenger."

Autoglym Connect's expertise in bus and coach preparation products extends beyond aesthetics. Their solutions also prioritise passenger safety and hygiene, ensuring that Topview fleet meets the highest standards in cleanliness and sanitation. By utilising Autoglym Connect's specialised interior care and hygiene products, Topview can provide a safe and comfortable environment for passengers throughout their sightseeing journey.

"We are thrilled to partner with Topview London Ltd to enhance their sightseeing tours in London," said Nigel Prouten, Head of Professional Sales at Autoglym. "Our range of bus and coach preparation products is designed to elevate the overall experience for both passengers and operators. By equipping Topview London's garages with our cutting-edge solutions, we can contribute to their commitment to excellence and ensure that every passenger enjoys a memorable journey through London's famous landmarks."

The partnership between Topview London Ltd and Autoglym Connect signifies a valuable collaboration between two prominent companies. It combines Topview expertise in delivering high-quality sightseeing tours with Autoglym Connect's expertise in bus and coach preparation products for the PSV industry. This alliance aims to provide an enhanced sightseeing experience by ensuring passengers enjoy clean, comfortable, and visually appealing vehicles as they explore London's iconic landmarks.

Autoglym Connect is the leading provider of professional public service vehicle care solutions. With a range of premium products and comprehensive support services, Autoglym Connect helps coach, bus and rail businesses maintain exceptional cleanliness and presentation of their vehicles. Contact us now to help you and your business.

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