Products for Professionals

Products for Professionals
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  1. Instant Show Shine
    Instant Show Shine

    A quick detailer that can be used all over your car. 

  2. Interior Cleaner
    Interior Cleaner
    As low as £21.25

    Ready to use cleaner, perfect for all interior surfaces

  3. Interior Upholstery Sponge
    Interior Upholstery Sponge

    Textured stiff upholstery sponge ideal for interior cleaning

  4. Leather Conditioner & Protectant
    Leather Conditioner & Protectant

    Nourishes and preserves leather upholstery

  5. Liquid Clay 5L
    Liquid Clay 5L

    A reactive formula that removes iron contaminants to leave a silky smooth, clay like finish

  6. Magic Sponge
    Magic Sponge

    For effortless removal of stubborn scuffs and blemishes from vinyl and plastic trim

  7. Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Wipes
    Multi-Purpose Sanitiser Wipes

    100 Quick drying, general cleaning, disinfectant wipes.

  8. Multiwash
    As low as £17.82

    Versatile, gentle TFR for all surfaces

  9. Nitrile Gloves (100 Pack)
    Nitrile Gloves (100 Pack)

    Nitrile powder free disposable glove

  10. Odour Eliminator
    Odour Eliminator

    Actively fights and removes stubborn odours

  11. Osatu Tango-7 Pressure Sprayer (5L)
    Osatu Tango-7 Pressure Sprayer (5L)

    A valeting essential. Hard wearing 5 litre pressure sprayer for pre-spray treatments.

  12. Pet Hair Removal Tool
    Pet Hair Removal Tool

    Cuboid shaped tool for the removal of pet hairs from carpet and upholstery

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