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Instant Tyre Dressing

£ 6.99

Dressing your tyres returns them to a natural black sheen, making older rubber look new again. It is the perfect way to finish your wheels and an essential step for the perfectionist.

Instant Tyre Dressing is an easy to use spray on product that can be applied to wet or dry tyre walls. The product can be applied to give a light sheen or matt finish.

Pro Tip: Ensure the side wall of the tyre is free of dirt and old coatings so the dressing has maximum contact with the rubber.

How to use


1. Shake well and apply liberally to the sidewall of clean tyres. The product can be applied to wet or dry rubber.

2. Either allow the product to dry for a light sheen, or remove the excess with a clean microfibre for a matt finish.

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Better than I expected!

I had my tyres replaced and obviously there was lots of grease on it where the new tyre had been fitted over the alloy. I needed to get it off, so I tried this. With just a few sprays onto a cloth, I applied it to the tyres and it came off instantly.

My tires are so black now. Other products I've used just don't match up. I will only ever use this product for my wheels now; every other product of this nature just doesn't give my the professional result.


A true showroom shine

Over the years I've tried many products to try and get that gloss showroom shine on my tyres from all those 'back to black' sprays to gels. And then the other week I decided to treat myself and my new 208. WOW this stuff is by far the best! It really does put a pure long lasting wet look gloss finish on your tyres! Don't be put off by the creamy colour of the spray when you put it on, it will soak in to a clear finish in 5min.

50th Anniversary edition bottles launched

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