Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Autoglym Goes BTCC Racing With a Pro Detailer

Chris McClerry is one of the best-known faces amongst the regular BTCC grids and pit walks throughout any motorsport season. Even when it’s not peak race season, he can still be found buffing the BTCC cars at events such as Autosport International. One glimpse at his Instagram account is all it takes to realise that he’s an enthusiast as well a first class detailer. Someone who relishes the opportunity and absolutely loves what he does – his passion and overflowing sense of pride is totally infectious. He loves his job and that comes across in every ounce of his personality.  Unsurprising then to learn that Autoglym are proud to be associated with his firm: Mawsley Car Valeting –


Luckily, Chris has been an exceptionally keen advocate for the Autoglym range for many years and has built his business off the back of Autoglym’s constantly evolving formulas.  Over the years he has found intense pride in detailing so many of the competition cars that appear on TV week in, week out. He’s truly become part of the furniture of the BTCC championship after attending his first race at Rockingham around a decade ago, then voluteering to help out around the paddock, before landing a gig on the hospitality side of things. Eventually though, his talent for keeping all vehicles looking pristine shone through and the people in the upper echelons of BTCC racing started asking him to detail their own personal cars.


As a result, Chris is now responsible for keeping on top of the Medical staff vehicles – including the Porsche Panamera of the head Doctor, and the VIP, grid-leading Porsche Panamera belonging to race championship director, Alan Gow.  “Mr Gow is a very discerning customer.” Chris tells us.  “He likes to have an exceptionally clean car for every parade lap, so it needs constant attention throughout most race meets to look A+ all of the time. I love it really.”  Chris is also responsible for fuelling the car, so he’s truly access all areas.


Indeed, Chris set to the Sapphire Blue Porsche of Mr Gow almost as soon as we arrived at Silverstone that morning.  He began the process with a swift coat of Polar Blast Snow Foam to loosen the worst of the dirt, backed that up with an application of UHD Shampoo and then dried the bodywork with an Autoglym drying towel along with some help from wife, Pippa.

Having applied a coat of UHD Wax the day prior to the racing, Mr Gow’s Porsche was already exceptionally well protected, so a swift once over with some Rapid Detailer was enough to reinforce the shine and top up the protection for ultimate beading and hydrophobic behaviour.

Thanks to Autoglym’s close association and sponsorship of the BRM Subaru team and also the Shredded Wheat Ford Focus’ team,  we were lucky enough to get to walk amongst the pit lane and experience the grid walk as well – truly a bucket list moment for many race fans.


Chris’s arsenal of Autoglym products was truly massive though, all stored in his MCV VW T5 Transporter company vehicle.  Being fully mobile means he keeps an exceptional selection of both trade and retail products on board, but when quizzed his top five must have products for the newcomer to detailing are:   Super Resin Polish,  UHD Shampoo,  Rapid Detailer,  Active Insect Remover and Polar Blast snow foam.   He also favours some of the trade only Multiwash TFR for the removal of traffic film and dirt from all vehicle surfaces, also handy for applying to interior surfaces and wiping over with a damp chamois to remove any ingrained dirt.

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