Sunday, September 24, 2023

Our School of Car Care campaign aims to bring you the very best insight, advice and product guides to help you keep your car in tip top condition this winter.

Here, our resident expert, Martin, from Autoglym’s Technical Training Team, looks at Autoglym’s Rapid Ceramic Spray; a sought-after product among car lovers, which helps protect your paintwork in the harshest winter conditions. It’s also one of Martin’s current favourites!

Working best on a well-prepped vehicle, the spray provides a hard barrier to your paintwork, maintaining the gloss and colour with protection for up to 3-months from application. It can be used all year round, but it is particularly important in winter as your paintwork is exposed to the worst mother nature has to offer.

Autoglym has taken the complication out of paint protection; it’s quick and easy to apply, leaving your car looking its best in all seasons!


Step 1

For best results, do not apply in temperatures over 25°C, or if the paintwork is warm to the touch. Wash your car thoroughly first using Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner (or your whichever your favourite Autoglym shampoo is). Next examine your paintwork, and if it feels rough or you can see  black or orange specks that were not removed during washing you can remove them using Autoglym’s Magma or This is not an essential step, but for the very best results we recommend you do this. If you are pressed for time, or your paintwork does not require a further deep clean, you can move on to the next stage.

Step 2

For maximum durability, ensure your car is dry, although Rapid Ceramic Spray can actually be applied to wet paintwork too. Shake the Rapid Ceramic Spray bottle well, then work it onto the painted surfaces with a microfibre cloth. Apply to an area no larger than a shoulder width apart at a time.
On dry cars (for best results) spray sparingly onto the paintwork, or onto the clean microfibre cloth and spread.

For wet cars, spray sparingly directly onto the paintwork and spread with an Autoglym InstaDry or AquaDry cloth. Two to three sprays per panel will be enough.

Step 3
Take a red Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth, and buff the area to a high gloss before applying more Rapid Ceramic Spray to a new area. Extra cloths can be used as required.

Step 4
For additional peace of mind – and an even deeper shine – an extra coat can be applied. Just wait 24-hours between applications and you’re good to gloss again.


The Final Result?

Glossy paintwork and peace of mind that your car can handle all that winter has to throw at it. It’s as simple as that, no wonder it’s a favourite!

Pro tips

Always apply to a fully-prepped car – otherwise you’ll just be sealing in the dirt!

When buffing, use long sweeping movements, rather than small circular motions. This will achieve a better finish.