Thursday, December 8, 2022
Spring into Action – Part 2

Spring into Action: take the plunge

Just as a thorough spring clean of your home comes with a couple of jobs that are outside of your normal routine, a thorough spring clean of your car is exactly the same. Don’t be afraid of taking the plunge, though. Autoglym’s philosophy is to let the products do the hard work; we’re only there to give them a gentle nudge.

The thought of cleaning the engine bay of winter spatter is one of those jobs that can appear daunting. However, with a bit of care and the right product — Engine and Machine Cleaner — the procedure is remarkably simple and can leave what is traditionally thought of as a no-go zone looking factory fresh.

After clearing the bay of arboreal debris, cover the air intake and vulnerable electrical components with something water-proof, then merrily spray the cleaner over the cold engine and its ancillaries. Loosen the dirt by agitating all surfaces with a brush, then rinse everything off with a gentle flow of clean water. Don’t worry about drying it off, just whip away the water-proofing measures and dress the bay with Vinyl and Rubber Care. Shut the bonnet and leave the engine bay to dry. That’s one job complete.

If your car is a convertible or has a fold back roof, then you’ll probably have noticed that damp winter weather has encouraged the growth of algae across the canvas. While normal shampooing will keep the surface of the canvas clean, a proper spring clean requires an approach that is more exfoliating in nature. Autoglym’s Convertible Soft Top Clean & Protect kit not only contains a deep-cleaning spray but a coarse-grain sponge that is specifically graded to reach into the fabric and tickle out the autotrophic organisms. A thorough spray of protectant will then form a hydrophobic barrier against their reattachment.

Moving on to the final job, take a look at your headlights. Are they clear or cloudy? Just as clear and sparkling eyes are a sign of happiness and good health, clear headlights are a vital safety feature that allows you to see and be seen. Cloudy headlights, however, are a sign of ultra violet light damage and an impending MoT failure due to poor beam definition.

Don’t worry though. If you’re competent enough to hang a shelf then you’re definitely capable of using our award-winning Headlight Restoration kit, because both require you to use a high-speed drill. Though it is by no means a complicated procedure, detailed instructions are provided to guide you every step of the way. Suffice to say it requires you to secure a backing plate attachment to your drill and then use rotary discs to sand back and then polish the plastic headlight cover to clear the lens of ultra violet damage.

Tackling these extra areas in your spring clean may take more than the usual effort but the reward is the satisfaction of a job well done and the knowledge that there is no part of the car letting the side down.

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